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1917 | Nyasaland (K3688)

1917 stampless cover to London, endorsed 'On Active Service', with an F. P. O. 10 B.C.A. 31 AU 17 squared circle datestamp made from the mutilated 'NENO' canceller. The cover has been endorsed “H. Duff, Lieut-Col, CPO” at the lower left. F .P. O. 10 was at New Langenburg at that time. This canceller, which replaced the mutilated RUO cancel, first being used there on 10 July 1917. A very rare cancel.


1917 | Nyasaland (K3687)

1917 cover sent internally in Nyasaland to Zomba, endorsed 'On Active Service' with a 1d overprinted N. F. tied by a FIELD POST OFFICE '8' 12 OCT 17 datestamp. The cover has been endorsed at the lower left 'S/Sgt H Oates, Col Murrays Column, via Zomba, Nyasaland.' Field Post Office 8 was at Fort Johnston from 12 May 1917 to late November 1917. An uncommon internal usage.


1915 | Nyasaland (K3682)

1915 'On Active Service' cover to Scotland with a ZOMBA 20.9.15. datestamp. Sent by Private J.C. Rhymas, B Company, British South Africa Police while en-route to the Northern Rhodesia border region. The cove has been endorsed with the initials 'W. B. Major'. This was Major Walter Baxendale of the Southern Rhodesia Volunteers who was killed in action a month later. This cover is the earliest recorded use at Zomba of the “On Active Service” free postage mail. Fine and very scarce.


0 | India (C3673)

c1880 cover to PORT BLAIR, ANDAMAN ISLANDS, with a pair of India ½ Anna cancelled by RANGOON JAN 6 duplex cancellers. A PORT BLAIR JAN 9 arrival cancel is on the front of the cover. Between 1875 and 1884 all handstamps of India omitted the year. A fine and rare early usage from Burma to Port Blair.


1903 | Rhodesia (K3680)

1903 cover to England, redirected on arrival with a vertical strip of four 1d's tied by FORT JAMESON 5 AUG 03 datestamps. This cover went by runner to Ayrshire Mine (23 days!) and from there by rail to Salisbury (28 AUG) a new route that only came in to operation in July 1903. From Salisbury it went by rail to Cape Town. Faults, including the lower right corner of the cover being trimmed, but an early example of the new rail route used.


1911 | Rhodesia (K3679)

1911 1d postal card to England cancelled by a superb LEALUI N. W. RHODESIA 10 NOV 1911 datestamp. A Livingstone 24 NOV 11 transit cancel is on the front of the card. Lealui, in the Barotse floodplain was a Mission Station founded by Francois Coillard in the late 1880's. An uncommon canceller (Proud D3, val x 15)


1912 | Rhodesia (K3674)

1912 1d postal stationery envelope to Johannesburg with a fine BROKEN HILL 18 JAN 12 cancel. A Johannesburg JAN 23 12 arrival cancel is on the back.

New Zealand

1896 | New Zealand (K3665)

1896 cover sent registered to San Francisco, U.S.A. with two 1d and two 2d Stamp Duty revenue stamps tied by REGISTERED AUCKLAND 3 OC 96 datestamps. A registration handstamp is at the upper left, on the back is a San Francisco OCT 22 1896 arrival cancel. A scarce commercial usage of these revenue stamps which the Post Office allowed to be used as postage.


1942 | Montserrat (K3663)

1942 censored cover to Detroit, U.S.A. sent registered with a 1½d, 3d and 1/- individually cancelled G.P.O. MONTSERRAT 23 JU 42. The cover was opened and resealed with Miller Type 3d censor tape, P.C. 90. (with stop after '90') OPENED BY EXAMINER A.A / '1'. St Johns Antigua JY 25, Miami JUL 28 and Detroit JUL 29 & 30 1942 transit and arrival cancels are on the back. Uncommon.


1907 | Natal (K3662)

1907 cover to TURKEY with a 2½d cancelled by the very scarce ALCOCKS SPRUIT OC 8 07 datestamp. Newcastle OC 9 and British Post Office Constantinople NO 6 07 transit and arrival cancels are on the back. Alcocks Spruit is a very small village south of Newcastle, little more than a stop on the railway line! Mail, particularly covers from there, are rare and even more so going to Turkey.

Turks Islands

1895 | Turks Islands (K3661)

1895 registered cover to the U.S.A. endorsed 'Via Halifax' with a 1d and 6d tied by a Registered duplex cancel of DE 3 95. New York DE 18 and Meridan DEC 19 95 transit and arrival cancels are on the back.


1945 | Ceylon (K3660)

1945 cover to Switzerland sent air mail from Karachi to London with two 30c and an R1 cancelled COLOMBO 22 DE 45. A red boxed 'O.A.T.' cachet is on the front of the cover.


1940 | Palestine (G3174)

1940 censored cover sent air mail to Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, Wales, from a member of the 'The Hampshire Regt' with a pair of 5m and a 50m (damaged before being affixed) cancelled SARAFAND 17 JA 40. The cover was censored with a violet PALESTINE PASSED BY CENSOR No. H 45. Sarafand was a British Army Garrison camp, south east of Jaffa.


1944 | Nyasaland (K3659)

1944 double censored cover to India with a 2d cancelled LILONGWE 28 6 44. A 'tombstone' PASSED Q/5 and octagonal 'C 4' censor cachets are on the front of the cover, on the back is an indistinct Bombay arrival cancel.


0 | Tonga (C3655)

c1942 censored envelope to Auckland, New Zealand, from a member of the 1st Heavy Battery, Tonga Defence Force, endorsed at the top 'On Active Service'. The cover has a superb strike of the very scarce O.H.M.S. TONGA DEFENCE FORCE handstamp and a boxed CENSORED cachet with the signature of J Hamilton, Lt. The senders name etc. is on the back of the cover. An extremely scarce cover.


1913 | Brunei (C3654)

1913 picture post card (Chinese Temple, Singapore) to NEW ZEALAND, with a 1c and 3c, correctly paying the 4c post card rate, cancelled BRUNEI 11 NOV 1913. Labuan 13 NOV and Singapore 17 NO 1913 transit cancels are on the card. A fine card to a really rare destination.


1913 | Brunei (C3653)

1913 picture post card (Chinese Barber, Singapore) to NEW ZEALAND, with a pair of 2c cancelled BRUNEI 11 NOV 1913. Labuan 13 NOV and Singapore 17 NO 1913 transit cancels are on the card. A fine card to a really rare destination.

Southern Rhodesia

1932 | Southern Rhodesia (K3652)

1932 cover to Bulawayo with a ½d and 1d cancelled SHANGANI 22 APR 1932. Shangani was a village 59 miles north of Bulawayo.


1922 | Rhodesia (K3647)

1922 cover to England with an Admiral 2d black and grey, Die II, perf. 14, cancelled BULAWAYO 17 MAR 22.


1907 | Transvaal (K3646)

1907 registered cover to Germany with a ½d and pair of 3d cancelled BADFONTEIN 15 OCT 07. Machadadorp 15 OCT, Pretoria 16 OCT and Einbeck 10.11.07 transit and arrival cancels are on the back of the cover. Badfontein was in the Eastern Transvaal and during the Boer War a number of skirmishes took place around the village.

Cape of Good Hope

1913 | Cape of Good Hope (K3644)

1913 picture post card (Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town) to Italy with a Transvaal 1d cancelled HALFMANSHOF FE 18 13. Porterville Road FE 18 transit cancel and Este 12.3.13 arrival cancels are on the card. Halfmanshof is in the Tulbach / Ceres district in the Western Cape. An uncommon cancel.


1936 | Australia (K3643)

1936 cover sent air mail to London with a Centenary of South Australia 1/- and a 6d cancelled CHARTERS TOWERS, QUEENSLAND, 12 OCT 36. A Cloncurry 14 OC 36 transit cancel is on the back. This 1/- is uncommon on cover.


1947 | Nyasaland (K3642)

1947 post card to England with a 1d tied by a good strike of the scarce EKWENDENI 15 MAY 47 datestamp. Ekwendeni is in the northern part of Nyasaland, 12 miles from Mzuzu, the nearest town of any size. It was founded by a missionary, Walter Elmslie in 1889 and with the building of a mission station, church and a hospital a few years later became established as a small settlement.


1905 | Natal (K3636)

1905 O. H.M. S. cover sent locally with the original letter from the Adjutant of the Natal Mounted Rifles, with a 1d overprinted OFFICIAL cancelled DURBAN MR 8 05. Attached to the back of the envelope are two stamp selvedge pieces, one saying 'Re my Commission', the other 'Letter from Adjt Enclosed'. The letter refers to “In reference to the attached' (Note on the back) An interesting letter and cover.


1906 | Natal (K3635)

1906 NATAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS ON HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE envelope, sent locally with a 1d overprinted OFFICIAL cancelled DURBAN SP 8 06. An embossed Natal Government Railways emblem is on the backflap. Uncommon.


1906 | Natal (K3633)

1906 NATAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS O. H. M. S. envelope sent locally with a 3d overprinted OFFICIAL cancelled VERULAM 2 JY 06. Some minor cover faults but a very scarce stamp used on cover.

North Borneo

1950 | North Borneo (K3638)

1950 cover sent internally to Jesselton with a pair of 4c and two 1c, paying the 10c inland rate that came into effect on 1 January 1950, cancelled by the rare large rubber PAPAR 30 MAR 1950 datestamps. (Proud D1) A Jesselton 31 MAR 50 arrival cancel is on the back. This Papar datestamp was only used for a short time, Proud records the usage as being from September 1949 to May 1950.


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